Make way for a new lifestyle concept in the world of shopping & entertainment.

The Exchange comes to you with its unique retail facilities that will change the meaning of leisure as we know it.

Wake up to an experience of convenience, grab your coffee from one of our continental coffeehouses, make your way to our vast 900sqm gym equipped with cutting-edge fitness & welfare gear tailored for your well-being.

Meet up with some friends and bond over a delicious meal, and stroll down the spacious aisles pertaining 12,000 sqm of selected gourmet restaurants/cafes and international brands& fashion boutiques, easily accessed from hotel, residential tower A and parking.

Then as the sun sets, spend some quality time with your kids on a promenade to our 500sqm playground, designed to keep the young and cheerful Exchangers fully engaged.

And after a long day of smiles and cheers, drop by our 2000sqm supermarket for the finest ingredients to cook a cozy family dinner which fresh ingredients

Then end yet another rewarding day at The Exchange eager to do it all over again tomorrow.